Sell and Buy the Precious Metals by “Bullion People’s Inc.

You intend to sell your gold, silver bases in Canada? Welcome to the Bullion Peoples Inc.

Buy Gold Bars Toronto, it’ll be a great experience to buy and sell with us.

We make sure to offer our clients pure silver or platinum.


Precious Metals
Precious Metals

What to Buy?


The silver:

We offer them in boxes.

The giant sized boxes contain lots of coins.

The maple leaf is built on it too.

One of them is available only at five dollars.

We guarantee its 99.9% of purity.

It comes up with the dimensions of thirty-eight millimeter.

Get the royal mint now at pocket-friendly prices. We offer you many different choices.

The Gold:

Get your hands on the Canadian maple leaf coin.

Made of gold! You’ll love it just by the wonderful look of the coin.

The national symbol, the maple leaf is well designed on it beautifully.

It looks remarkable.

The image on it is the most identifiable amongst us, The Bullions. You can collect the item anytime at an affordable price.

There are different varieties. Collect the Gold Coins Toronto.

The platinum:

The mint coin is available at dollar twenty.

It comes with the dimensions of millimeters.

There are many other types of the platinum coin available.

One such other coin is available for you at five dollars only with the dimensions of sixteen millimeters only.

You can get it with the purity of 99.95%!

The Numismatic:

Like the Batman v Superman coin which has the forty millimeters of dimensions.

It has the face value of twenty dollars.

Come now and get it at a low cost.

One of the other variations called the Looney tunes Merrier melody comes with the face value of twenty dollars.

The dimensions are of thirty-eight millimeters.

Get an amazing offer with its purity level of 99.99%.

One of the coins is the New Zealand Mint.

It represents the eighth anniversary of the Donald Duck.

You can get it at only 2 Niue.

The dimensions are o 40.6 millimeters.

Do you want 99.9% of purity? Get it with us right now.

We securely hide all of your personal info during buying and selling.

All of your credit card information, email address, and personal info never get revealed.



We offer you many options to buy from us.

You can get the Gold Bars Toronto.

You can also get the following:

  1. Silver Products
  2. Platinum products
  3. Numismatic Products


Payment Options:

We offer you multiple payment options:

  1. Interac Online Debit
  2. PayPal
  3. Bill Payment
  4. E-Transfer
  5. CAD Wire Transfer
  6. Money Orders
  7. Bank Drafts
  8. Certified personal Checks
  9. Business Checks


Contact us:

You can contact us anytime.Contact Us

You may use the email service.

Send an email to

We are quite responsive to reply to your concerns really fast.

You may visit our office located on Yonge Street, in Toronto, M4S 3E2.

Call us and buy gold bars, using the following official numbers:

  • 416-640-4041
  • 1-855-314-GOLD
  • 1-855-314-4653

Top Rated Driving School Calgary

Do you want to join the best driving school in Calgary? NOW, join the Punjab driving academy. We offer you quality training in our academy.

Experience NOW:

No need to depend on anyone after learning all the necessary road rules! Learn how it’s to control the bus perfectly by you.

Drive the car, bus, or truck and get a thrill out of it. Enjoy the learning process with our patient and punctual staff.

Driving School Calgary
Driving School Calgary

Certified Academy: The “Punjab Driving Academy” is fully approved.

The quality of our service is always guaranteed.

We offer standard quality Defensive Driving Course Calgary service.

Get thorough info related to managing the accelerator, gear, bread or engine of the bus, car or your truck.

Our professional staff is there for you to offer special attention according to your mind and understanding level.

Lessons: our experts give you complete theoretical as well as practical lessons.

We make easier for you to understand all the basic techniques quite fast without making you bored.

Join us now; you are surely going to appreciate it.

Now learn practically how to use the air brakes course Calgary.

We make aware of all different types of situations of the road.

Our instructors give you the practical scenarios of complicated circumstances you may face on the road.

Now avoiding the upcoming dangers on the road is quite easy, as we increase your focus by making you practice constantly.

We let you ride the tuck in a large area.

Tips & Tricks: if you intend to handle the big vehicle, we invite you to join defensive driving course Calgary.

Now learn everything about handling the giant vehicle from the qualified instructors! Knowledgeable trainers are at your service anytime to explain and demonstrate all the necessary road and vehicle rules.

Reliable: join us now, and you’ll be completely satisfied after getting trained by the highly experienced instructors.

We are constantly improving our quality by fulfilling all of your needs.

Now know how to start, control the engine, uphold the correct speed and slowly stop the vehicle without undergoing any damage.

You’ll experience be yourself that steering your bus or truck is not hard! Joining the big crowd on the road is no longer an issue for you after joining the air brakes course Calgary.

Once you come to our tuition, you can carefully handle your bus or truck.

Atmosphere: a comfortable environment where you can practice with an amazing sense of freedom.

Get into our certified school giving you an opportunity by providing you with a great platform.

The professional staff assists you in getting trained quite fast.

Passing the exam will be an easy task for you after the months of practice with the efficient staff.

Instructors: Out trained instructors, at Driving School Calgary are always ready to help you.

The responsible staff is on-time, not leaving any room for you to miss any of the classes.

If you miss any, you can take it again, as we repeat our classes.

Get our assistance, now without paying extra!

Drivers training schools in Calgary

Whether you are visiting Calgary for a few months or have recently moved here it is best to begin your stay by searching for schools that offer driver training in Calgary.

Learning to drive is not only helpful but also cost effective and saves you quite a bit.

Car rentals are not only expensive but also unreliable.

Learning driving in Calgary will help you understand the local scenarios and rules that apply to the city.

Driving schools in Calgary either provide you with a complete handbook that covers all the rules and regulations that govern the traffic in Calgary.

Drivers training schools in Calgary

The Calgary Driving School you enroll in will give you a perspective of what the fundamentals of navigating on the roads of Calgary are and how to drive during different weather conditions.

Beside this you’re driving instructor will provide you with the information you require regarding impaired driving laws and dealing with distractions when changing lanes or turning at a blind corner.

The curriculum followed in Calgary driving schools focuses on acquainting new drivers with basic functions such as using the brakes, accelerating at a required rate, reversing the car, changing gears and parking.

These are the basic mechanisms that help understand how the vehicle responds to you as a driver.

Besides the fundamentals, a proper driving school Calgary provides you with the vital theory that breaks down the workings of vehicles different license classes and how your decisions on the road have a larger impact than you would think.

After you complete your driver’s training, you are not just prepared for the test but also varying situations that happen on the road every day.

At a driving school, you can work towards getting rid of demerits and get your insurance claims in order with the help of experts who have been in the business for years.

When you enroll for Driver Training Calgary, you have to fulfill the criteria for the license you require.

These are some of the most important factors that are discussed during your training for a driver’s license.

Even when applying for a refreshers course your credentials are considered and evaluated.

It is always recommended to discuss your eligibility before you enroll for classes.

This is especially useful when training for class 5 pro and class 5 license in general.

Moreover, truck driving and bus driving are not included in all training sessions. So if you are planning to drive these vehicles specifically opt for a course that caters to your requirement.

Driving School is one driving school Calgary that offers all types of drivers training under one roof.

Not only do they assist you with your preparation for a Driving Test but also help with filling for the required paperwork.

Their teaching methods are easy and aimed at providing you with real-time information.

They use online courses, classroom lessons, and on-road training to establish the trainee as a responsible driver.

Why shouldn’t you go for Cheap Driving Schools in Calgary?

Whenever we go shopping, the price tag is the first thing that we consider, aren’t we?

Well, it is a fact that majority of people prefer to buy less expensive stuff to save money.

Same is the case with the driving school as beginners strive to get enrollment in a school where a small amount of fee is charged.

However, being honest, it is a trap when Calgary driving school prices are set at low because cheap rates always grab the attention.

Well, the below facts will make it clear to all beginners that why shouldn’t they strive for the low price only.

The Quality of Training is compromised!

The school owners understand this tactic that people get attracted to a low fee and that is why the Calgary driving school prices are set accordingly.

However, in this case, the quality of training is compromised as the instructors do not deliver complete lectures and spend few hours only to guide a beginner.

Such training goes in vain because few hours of training can’t make a beginner an expert driver.

Teenager in car with driving instructor

Inexpert Instructors!

There is no doubt that price is one of the main factors to be pondered but when it comes to driving services, this shouldn’t be the only focus.

If you see low Calgary driving school prices, don’t jump into it because it can be an alarming sign regarding the poor services of the company.

Education is also mandatory but there is no surety of such Calgary drivers Ed.

In short, rather ripping off by an inexpert driver, the better approach is to analyze the quality of training on prior basis.

Smoke and Mirrors Experience!

Falling for the price invites smoke and mirrors experience as some driving schools commit to providing all driving lessons in the advertisement however it proves a fake promise.

You must know that Best Driving school Calgary prices vary as per the learning stage of the student.

If you need to learn professional driving tactics, the fee would be high as compared to the basic driving lesson’s fee.

Try to analyze the Calgary drivers Ed by asking questions before enrollment.

Calgaary Driving School

Hidden Charges

The driving schools that usually offer services at low rates charge further cost after enrollment.

In this case, the student gets trapped and he doesn’t find a way except paying the hidden charges.

So, whenever you look for low Calgary driving school prices, try to make sure that hidden charges are not applied.

The instructors usually ask for extra written test fee and oral lessons fee. Well, the well-reputed schools do not play such games with students.

Uncertified Instructors

Do you really think that an uncertified driver can help you towards getting the license?

Of course not, so try to not prioritize the Calgary driving school prices only because there are many more facts to be pondered prudently.

The Punjab Driving School is known for top-notch services while the fee is also affordable here.

In short, you need to consider a school where training is not compromised.